What Makes You & Your Business Special

What Makes You & Your Business Special

On today’s episode of Design a Business You Love: Work Anywhere Strategies for Artists, Authors, & Entrepreneurs we look at what makes you special or unique as a creative entrepreneur. We’ve been talking about finding your purpose in the last few episodes. So before we jump in, I want to remind you. That I have a free gift for you called Discover Your Passion, Discover Your Purpose Guidebook

The Power of Discovering Your Special Purpose as an Artist, Author, or Entrepreneur

Beyond our passions lies our special or unique purpose—the driving force that connects our artistic endeavors or business ventures to a greater meaning. It’s the treasure map leading us to uncover the core values that define us as creative individuals. These values shape our worldview, influence our decisions, and resonate through every stroke of our brush or written word. Let’s set forth on an expedition to uncover your unique values—the bedrock of your authentic voice.

Infusing Values into Your Creative Expression

Values serve as a compass, guiding us in creating a business or artistic expression that aligns with our deepest beliefs. We’ll explore the diverse ways in which values can manifest, shaping our work in countless ways. Whether it’s advocating for environmental sustainability through eco-friendly products or championing authenticity and equality through empowering narratives, our values breathe life into our creations.

Thought-Provoking Questions for Self-Reflection

To help you on your quest to discover your unique values, I have some thought-provoking questions to ignite your imagination. Grab your pen and paper and ponder:

What values hold the utmost importance in your life?

Which qualities do you admire in others?

What are your non-negotiables?

Reflect on the boundaries you set for yourself in terms of ethics, behavior, or personal values. Consider the changes or contributions you aspire to make in the world through your creative endeavors.

How does your current business align or not align with your values?

Delve into the causes and missions that ignite a fire within you, and envision the impact you desire to create through your work.

Embracing the Journey of Self-Discovery

Remember, this journey of self-discovery may not yield all the answers immediately, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s an ongoing process that evolves as we grow and develop. Your free guidebook, “Discover Your Passion, Discover Your Purpose,” provides additional prompts to help you dive deeper into your core values. Embrace the exploration of your uniqueness, infuse your art and writing with a purpose, and let your authentic voice echo through every brushstroke and turn of phrase.

As we conclude this wondrous journey, continue embracing your values, infusing your art and writing with purpose, and let your unique voice shine through. You are special, you are unique, and the world eagerly awaits your artistic magic. Until next time, keep being true to yourself and let your creative spirit soar.