A Journey of Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs: Smart Goals VS Dream Goals

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Hey there, fellow lifestyle designers! Today, let’s dive into an exciting topic that has transformed the way I approach goal setting for entrepreneurs—Dream Goals! You know, we’ve all heard about the importance of SMART goals, but there’s something truly magical about dreaming big and setting audacious goals that resonate with our souls. So, join me on this exhilarating journey as we explore the power of dream goals and how they can elevate your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs & Smart Goals

As an entrepreneur, I’m no stranger to SMART goals—those Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely objectives that provide structure and focus. They were my trusted companions, guiding me through the everyday tasks and keeping my business on track. SMART goals have their place, especially in managing our businesses and maintaining steady progress.

The Dilemma with Smart Goals

However, over time, I realized that SMART goals might not be the ideal approach for every aspect of my entrepreneurial journey, especially in the creative realm. As a writer and artist, I needed room to expand my horizons and explore uncharted territories without constraints. That’s when I stumbled upon the concept of Dream Goals—a game-changer for my business.

Enter Dream Goals: The Power of Stretching Beyond Limits

Picture this—Dream Goals, or as I sometimes like to call them, DREAMY Goals. These are the audacious dreams that take you beyond the known territory, stretching the boundaries of what we believe is possible. Just like Jack Welch’s concept of “stretch goals” at General Electric, DREAM Goals inspire us to think bigger, reach higher, and envision the extraordinary.

DREAM Goals inspire us to think bigger, reach higher, and envision the extraordinary.

The Path to DREAMY Goals

To embark on this journey of goal setting for entrepreneurs, I started by reflecting on my past achievements and acknowledging my present capabilities. It was essential to dream beyond what I had accomplished before, envisioning the heights I could soar to. By daring to set DREAMY Goals, I invited innovation and creativity into my business, transcending self-imposed limitations.

Dreaming Your Way to Success

When we implement DREAM Goals, something magical happens. We ignite the fire of passion within us, aligning our deepest values with our business aspirations. Our creative minds are unleashed, and we begin to explore the uncharted territories of innovation. DREAM Goals give us the freedom to break through self-imposed limitations and welcome opportunities that seemed impossible before.

Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

My business is not just a means to an end; it’s a canvas where I express my true self. DREAMY Goals have allowed me to create a business that resonates with my soul, where every stroke of creativity reflects my core values. It’s about fulfillment, joy, and the freedom to chart my own course.

So, my fellow entrepreneurs, I encourage you to take this transformative path of goal setting for entrepreneurs and embrace the power of DREAM Goals. Unleash your creativity, dare to dream, and set sail toward the horizon of your aspirations. Let your values guide you, and infuse your business with a sense of purpose and passion. Your entrepreneurial journey is a canvas of endless possibilities, and DREAM Goals are the brushstrokes that add colors and depth to your vision. Design a business you love—one that reflects your true essence, driven by the magic of your dreams.


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