Designing a Business On Purpose & How the Artist, Wyland is Helping Maui Relief

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Do you ever find yourself yearning for a deeper sense of purpose in your business? Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to align your passions, skills, and ambitions with a greater impact on the world? In the latest episode of “Design a Business You Love,” we delve into the art of “Designing a Business on Purpose” through the lens of Ikigai, a powerful concept that intertwines passion, mission, vocation, and profession. And we uncover designing a business on purpose.

Unveiling Ikigai: Where Dreams and Purpose Converge

Ikigai, a Japanese concept that translates to “a reason for being,” is a remarkable framework that holds the key to crafting a business that resonates deeply with both your heart and the world around you. It’s a beautiful intersection of four essential elements:

  • Passion = What you love to do
  • Mission = What the world needs.
  • Vocation = What you can be paid for
  • Profession = What you are good at.

Imagine a Venn diagram where these four circles overlap, creating a harmonious center where your business’s true purpose lies. Ikigai is all about finding that sweet spot where your inner fire meets a genuine need, and where your skills can be channeled into a sustainable and fulfilling endeavor.

The Journey of Robert Wyland: From Dream to Purpose

A vivid example of Ikigai’s transformative power is artist Robert Wyland. His journey is a testament to how aligning your passions and skills with a higher purpose can lead to not only personal success but also making a positive impact on the world.

Robert Wyland’s artistic journey began as a child, with a deep love for marine life and oceans. His passion for painting marine murals blossomed into a flourishing art career, and he soon realized that his mission extended beyond the canvas. Wyland’s goal became more than just creating art; it was about raising awareness for ocean conservation and environmental protection.

His murals, often depicting majestic whales and vibrant underwater scenes, not only captivated the art world but also carried a profound message. They sparked conversations about the fragility of our oceans and the urgent need to safeguard them for future generations. Through his art, Wyland discovered his Ikigai—a purpose that unites his passion for painting, his mission to protect marine life, his vocation as an artist, and his profession as a painter.

Following Your Dreams with Purpose

But what if you’re not an artist like Wyland? Can the principles of Ikigai still guide you toward designing a purpose-driven business? Absolutely. The essence of Ikigai lies in understanding what truly matters to you and finding ways to integrate those elements into your work.

Perhaps you’re an aspiring author who’s passionate about storytelling (passion) and believes in the power of narratives to inspire change (mission). Your vocation might involve teaching creative writing or offering storytelling workshops (vocation), and your profession could evolve into a successful career as a published author (profession). By aligning these four aspects, you’re infusing your business with purpose that goes beyond just making money.

Taking Purposeful Action

The journey of designing a purposeful business doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are some steps to help you get started:

1. Reflect:  Take time to explore your passions, skills, and what truly matters to you. What are the causes that resonate deeply with your heart?

2. Identify Overlaps: As you reflect, begin to see where your passions, skills, and societal needs intersect. What unique combination can you offer?

3. Experiment:  Don’t be afraid to experiment and explore different avenues. Test your ideas, gather feedback, and refine your approach.

4. Stay Open:  Be open to evolution. Your Ikigai might transform as you gain more experience and insights.

5. Seek Guidance: Consider working with a mentor or coach who can help you navigate the journey of aligning your dreams with a purposeful business.

A Beacon of Purpose: Wyland’s Charitable Endeavors

Returning to Robert Wyland’s story, we find an inspiring example of how a purpose-driven business can lead to profound societal impact. Wyland’s dedication to environmental conservation led him to establish the Wyland Foundation, an organization focused on promoting clean water and healthy oceans. The foundation’s initiatives include educational programs, public art projects, and community outreach—all designed to raise awareness and inspire action.

In a remarkable recent endeavor, Wyland initiated a campaign to raise funds for Maui after devastating wildfires. He created a limited-edition print, with all proceeds dedicated to supporting the community’s recovery efforts. This is a testament to the far-reaching impact that a purpose-driven business can achieve. It’s a beautiful illustration of how passion, mission, vocation, and profession can harmonize to create meaningful change.

Designing a Business On Purpose

As you navigate your entrepreneurial journey, remember that your business can be a vessel for your dreams and a force for positive change. Whether you’re an artist, author, or entrepreneur, the principles of Ikigai can guide you in crafting a business that reflects your true self and contributes to the greater good.

So, dare to dream, dare to explore, and dare to infuse every aspect of your business with a purpose that resonates deeply with you and your audience. Your Ikigai is waiting to be discovered—unlock it, and let your business become a beacon of purpose in the world.

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